Stroke or in common parlance paralysis is the result of lack of oxygen to a particular part of the brain which results in lack of functioning of that area. Stroke results primarily due to either a clot which would have dislodged from the heart, or thickening of the arterial wall and the ensuing sluggish flow of blood or a bleed (hemorrhage). Depending on the blood vessel (artery) which is affected the corresponding symptoms appear. For example if the left middle cerebral artery is blocked the person will be unable to speak (aphasia) and unable to move his right half of the body. If the occipital (the posterior of the brain) artery is affected the person cannot see, if the right middle cerebral artery is affected the patient will have weakness on the left half of the body. The frontal area is affected the patient’s behavior will be affected and he will have difficulty executing motor functions.

Prevention is the best strategy by on time correction of risks such as obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, smoking etc.

Once stroke sets in, if early intervention is not done appropriately the patient goes into a vegetative state.

The only treatment strategy for these patients is our comprehensive rehabilitation package wherein the patient gets the entire rehab program along with stem cell therapy.