Ray of Hope

Humans are the most advanced in the order of creation, they have been gifted with the intellect which they have been using in different fields and helping mankind make his life easier and simpler. With the advance in technology medicine was not far behind. The so called “incurable diseases” started finding a cure, psychiatric patients were unshackled after the discovery of neurotransmitters responsible for psychiatric illnesses. Antibiotics and vaccines started curing and preventing serious infectious diseases.

However the neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia, MNDs, spinal cord injury, parkinsonism, cerebral palsy etc., still are in search of that elusive drug…..
…….But with the discovery of stem cell therapy the hitherto “elusive drug” the magic remedy has been found which has come to salvage scores of patients suffering from these debilitating illnesses.

What is stem cell?

Stem cells can be called as the ‘mother cells’. They originate from the developing embryo and differentiate into different types of cells for example the heart muscle, the liver, brain, skin, bone etc. Etc., They are known as progenitors cells since they lead to creation of new cells.

When these stem cells are transplanted into the body they migrate to the injured areas in the body , get attached there and transform themselves into the tissue desired and replace the damaged one.
This is the theory behind the use of stem cells in most of the neurodegenerative and autoimmune disorders.

Stem cell

Principles of stem cell therapy:

Essentially there are two types

  • Autologous therapy where the patient is given stem cells derived from his own bone marrow, or adipose (fat) tissue.
  • Allogenic therapy where the donor cells are used ( not the patient himself but some other persons cells are transplanted)
We at Plexus Neuro and Stem cell Research Centre opt for ONLY Autologous stem cells (adult stem cells) therapy to treat the chosen diseases. The cells being obtained from patients own blood, bone marrow or fat makes it 100 percent safe and assures there are no adverse effects whatsoever now or later.