Stem cell

The entire procedure consists of the following phases

  • After the extensive history taking session, thorough physical examination will be done by panel of consultants. Patient will be asked to get the entire battery of investigations which include a complete blood examination, Xrays and scans which are relevant to the disease, to check eligibility for the therapy.
  • Next day stem cell collection will be done. The Plexus stem Cell procedure employs autologous adult stem cells and thus these cells are collected from the patient’s own bone marrow. Sample of the same will be sent to laboratory where the stem cells will be separated and the quality of the same will be checked.
  • First dose of isolated stem cell will be sent back to the hospital for intra-thecal /intravenous/ intra-lesional (the site of injury) injection. Once the procedure is completed the patient will be discharged the next day. However, the patient is expected to come for regular follow ups as recommended by us.
  • The patient will be called for subsequent doses of stem cell transplant as per the protocol prepared by our panel of experts. The doses and the route of administration of the stem cells varies from disease to disease, and from patient to patient.
  • Also please note that the improvement pattern may differ for every patient as per patient’s status and duration of disease.