Spinal cord injury is most often due to motor vehicle accident, or could be gun shot injury or even a fall or assault. Depending on the site of injury and the extent of injury the symptoms manifest. The patients can present with both motor and sensory weakness with or without the sphincter involvement (Incontinence to urine and stools). Generally the patients are unable to feel any sensation below the site of the injury and there is complete weakness of the region below the injury. For instance if the injury is in the neck region the person will have quadriplegia (weakness of all four limbs and lack of sensation below the neck). If the injury in in the umbilical region the sensory loss will be below the umbilicus and the person will have complete paraplegia ( weakness of his lower limbs).

Hitherto besides rehabilitation there was no other form of treatment. But with our Plexus comprehensive neuro rehabilitation program the patient can be completely rehabilitated using stem cell therapy in combination with active neuro rehabilitation using the holistic approach.