Children who score below “C” in the school are generally reprimanded, punished and ridiculed at but very few seek professional help.

There can be several causes for this ,for instance the reason could be in the child himself as in he could be suffering from a medical illness such as malnutrition or any other underlying medical condition which needs to be investigated and treated. The cause could be that the child is suffering from a neuropsychiatric condition such as mental retardation, dyslexia, Attention deficit. Hyperkinesis, seizure disorder especially absence seizures which easily go undetected, childhood depression or the child could be suffering from the ‘spectrum disorder’.

The reason for the child not doing well in the school could be due to the parents for instance, marital discord, alcoholism, improper parenting.

The reason could be in the school for example the curriculum, the teaching methodology or even the child-teacher relationship.

And lastly the reason for the child not doing good in the school could be in the environment, the locality, the peers and the role model.

At Plexus we have a team which does in depth analysis of the child’s problems in a very relaxed and child-friendly environment and tries to eliminate it from the root rather than attempt at treating superficially. We have hundreds and thousands of children who were issued notices from the school, back scoring Bs and As.