Psychotic disorders in simple terms are those wherein the patient has lost insight into his illness and lost touch with reality. The two most important illnesses here are:

    • Schizophrenia: Schizophrenia is essentially a disorder of the thought process which is characterized by abnormal thinking process, delusions and hallucinations. There are several subtypes, but the essence remains the same. There is gradual decline in the personality, the patient starts neglecting himself, his personal hygiene, becomes irregular to work and the family life is disrupted.
    • Bipolar affective disorder: This is characterized by the patient swinging across the two poles of the mood spectrum. During the manic episode he becomes elated, aggressive or even violent. He has grandiose thoughts and ideas, becomes a spend thrift, over dressing etc.. Whereas during the other pole which is depression he becomes the exact opposite,, withdrawn, neglecting himself, not interacting with anyone, having thoughts about suicide and death.

At Plexus these patients are rehabilitated and “cured”in a very discreet and confidential atmosphere. We have short stay wards wherein the patients ‘ acute symptoms are brought under check immediately or at the shortest possible time so that he becomes manageable at home with medications. We have several thousands of patients who are back in the main stream without anyone even knowing that they ever suffered from these conditions.