Psoriasis is a common, chronic, relapsing/remitting, immune mediated disease characterized by skin lesions including itchy, red, scaly patches, papules, and plaques. The skin lesions may affect small localised areas or involve a large part on the entire body. The disease affects 2–4% of the general population.The cause of psoriasis is not definitely known, however it is postulated to be immune mediated.And is definitely exacerbated by external factors such as stress.It is sometimes associated with other immune related conditions such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, it also carries an increased risk for cancers and other cardiovascular conditions.

No definite cure is available for psoriasis,but various treatments ate tried to help control the symptoms. But the fact remains that psoriasis can be difficult to treat due to its chronic recurrent nature.

However with stem cell therapy there can be a complete remission of the lesions leaving the skin clean and neat. At Plexus we have achieved tremendous success with patients who are suffering from Psoriasis using stem cell therapy.