osteo-arthritis-kneeThis is one of the most common debilitating illness which affects the knees either one or both. It is characterized by severe pain in the knees especially while walking, sitting down and getting up from a lower level. There could also be swelling or a crackling sound on movement of the knee joint.

This condition is due the erosion of the cartilage (the cushion between the bones) and drying up of the synovial fluid (the lubricant in the joint). The cause is most often age, the aggravating factors could be obesity, repeated injuries etc.,

The conventional treatment has been pain killers, steroid injections and recently total knee replacement surgery.

However at PLEXUS we treat OA with a total Non-surgical technique using stem cell injections in the knee joint and supportive physiotherapy. The results especially in the stage 1 to 3 ( mild to moderate) have been miraculous.