Muscular dystrophy is a genetic disorder of the muscles. It is characterized by progressive weakness of the muscles especially the proximal ones ( the shoulder and the hip region). The patient finds it difficult to get up from the floor, finds it difficult to walk, to climb stairs, to lift the arms above the shoulder or away from the body. It worsens gradually leaving the patient wheel chair bound. The basic pathology is the absence of a protein called “dystrophin” in the muscles.

There has been no treatment available so far except for specialized mechanized wheel chairs and hitech equipment to help the disabled patient. However with the advent of stem cell therapy there is promise, there is hope and there is glimmer of light to enable these patients to walk and lead an independent life.

At Plexus we have a specially tailored program for patients with all types of muscle dystrophies (Duchenne’s, SMA, limb girdle etc,). This program comprises of stem cell transplant and a tailor made program aimed towards rehabilitating the patient.