Diabetes may present person with its symptoms such as increase in thirst, increase in hunger, increase in frequency of urination, weight loss. Or it may be detected incidentally such as when the wound is not healing in the given time, rapid diminution of vision, symptoms suggestive of renal impairment, sexual weakness etc.,
Complications of Diabetes mellitus:

  • Involvement of the kidneys eventually leading to renal failure.
  • Involvement of the retina eventually leading to blindness.
  • Involvement of the nerves eventually leading to complete numbness and burning hands and feet.
  • Involvement of the sexual organs eventually leading to impotence and problems in ejaculation.
  • Involvement of the heart.

We at Plexus neuro and stem cell research centre have introduced two new packages to conquer this deadly disease.

  • Stem cell injections: High sugar levels are due to problems with the pancreatic cells in the production of insulin. In our stem cell package we introduce pancreatic stem cells into the patient’s system which will start producing insulin and the patient need not take medication or injections.
  • Revitalizing the pancreas: This is a 12 day package wherein the pancreatic cells will be revived and revitalized. In this package we assure the stopping of insulin and bringing sugar level in the below 130 mg/dl range.

Hundreds of patients from different parts of the world have benefited with these programs. We have achieved 99 percent control of the sugar levels.