Anxiety is inner restlessness, which can be defined in several ways but what is most commonly experienced is an ‘unknown impending doom”. This is can be continuous, ‘episodic’, or situational, based on this it could be generalized anxiety disorder, panic attack or phobic disorder. Anxiety can also occur secondary to depression or occur as a mixed disorder. The associated physical symptoms which may occur along with anxiety are palpitations (increased heart rate), tremors (shivering especially of the hands) dryness of mouth, difficulty swallowing (lump in the throat), restlessness, reduced sleep and appetite.These definitely affect day to day activities and personal interactions and may also affect the job performance.Whatever be the cause or the type, at Plexus we have a comprehensive anxiety package which includes medication, cognitive behavior therapy, meditation and yoga. The unique and holistic combination or our package helps patient not only get rid of their anxiety but also the medications in a very short time.