Dr. Na'eem

Dr. Na’eem Sadiq

Dr. Na’eem was born and spent his early childhood in Bangalore and did his schooling and college from St. Joseph’s. He completed his M.B.B.S. from Bellary government medical college having got the opportunity to study in this college through NMS (National Merit Scholarship). Later he did his Post Graduation from NIMHANS (1988-1993) in psychiatry subsequently went to London (UK) for further studies in neurology and clinical neurophysiology. Having worked in U. K’s most prestigious medical institutions and some of the best hospitals in the Middle East, thereby gaining a lot of experience in this field for several years, he came back to India with an intention to serve people. And that is how PLEXUS was founded.
Dr Na’eem has been striving hard in this field of Bio-science since last five years of research. At the age of 46,he underwent multiple training in tissue culture, attended many CMEs .He had chosen neurology as his subject because of his father’s sickness; his father was a stroke victim at a very young age. Watching him, witnessing a strong and independent man like him become dependent on others for everything and suffer helplessly made Dr. Naeem Sadiq chose the same as a challenge.

Unique and distinctive traits :

  • Practicing the concept of “MIND OVER BODY”
  • Has done vast research in stroke rehabilitation
  • Presented papers all over the world and published in some of the prestigious journals on treatment of multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, headache, demyelinating polyneuropathy.